23 March 2008

The boys are back in town

So, I've changed jobs, companies, states and states of mind. there's an update for you, pika.

Midland is cold. Midland is drab. Midland is my hometown. Midland is a known quantity.

Change is inevitable. Change happens. Embrace change.

01 October 2007

disconnect and self destruct

Hello, how have you been? everything here is special.

's been a while, what has happened since my last posty? done did dalmac, rode sloooooooooowww, but made it, at this point in time I think that's good, it's a tipping point between competition and enjoyment, maybe some day I'll get more competitive about the ride but not now, you fothermuckers, watchin the trees, grass, corn and water go by is just right.

So, been reading about WWII lately, a more graphic read than I have read before, from the infantry perspective, about what the 'grunts' were experiencing vs what was reported to the American Public, in consideration of Sun Tzou, I guess it all makes sense, only give the information the public can relate to and don't shock them too much, with negatives or reality, kind of the art of the dance of communication, convey the message you need to, to further the cause, keep them do re mi coming in etc.

The FF team is not doing so great this year, didn't have a great draft, had to sit by a whining pos at the draft, his wife shudda been there, she runs the team, cause he has nothin.

The boys team is doing ok, 1-3, which is better than I expected, they lost a lot of speed from last years team. My son is playing middle and outside linebacker, making a lot of tackles, having fun, it is all good.

No travel right now, the company is tightening the belt, expecting some challenging times in the future, no problems for me, I'm in a cannot frickin lose situation, like to travel, love to stay home.

Got the new Foos disk, pretty good, gotta have a few more listens, looking forward to the Puscifer disk, and Serj's disk, lots o'good musak to catch soon.

Hoop has been ok lately, the gym raised the rate so not as many peeps are showing for the run, but we'll weather that storm, I hope.

gotta run, see all y'a'all. PO
Midnite Monte.

11 August 2007

Wake up, it's time.

I just gotta say, it's all good, everything is rolling right along. We seem to be in the sweet spot right now and boy does it feel good. Gotta work hard to stay here, cause it's good.

I have been lucky enough to ride about 200 miles in the last week as training for the upcoming DALMAC ride, I am starting to feel good about the challenge of 350 miles over 4 days, third year I've done this, so I know what to expect, but the trepidations surrounding my conditioning, or lack thereof always give me a case of the heebies, just prior to the event.
Got a new rider or two in our "crew" this year, trying to recruit one or two for next year, even though I am an introvert I still enjoy the pleasure of the pain involved in Dalmac, and sharing that with new riders to the tour.

S and M, Bondage anyone?

The corporation I work for has decided that it's time to cut back on expenses for the year, a usual activity for Fall, thus I may not have to go to Asia for 2+ weeks directly after Dalmac, kind of bittersweet, on one hand my son is playing football and I'll miss 3 weekends of his games (he's a team captain) and all of the college/pro games to watch with my son, on the other hand I do enjoy travel, especially to Asia, I have many friends in Japan and China and look forward to catching up with them, so I guess from one perspective, I cannot lose, either way it goes I am doing good.

Gotta say, I am really liking the new VR disc, it's very good. Not liking the new Qotsa disc as much, and the new SP isn't good, but that's just my opinion, and you know how they are. "0"

Usually try to title any post with a line from the music I am currently listening to, this one is a Foo Fighters line from "Razor", either disc that it's on is solid, In your Honor or Skin and Bones, like em both.

I didn't yet mention the most exciting news, my old friend the Creative MP3 Zen Player is back and in full effect. Finally did some reseach on the hard drive form factor and found a replacement, installed myself, re-installed the firmware and upgraded the software, works sweet, what a way to make an old man feel like he is still usefull in this world, did the whole freakin (props to the kicker) thing myself. I love it.

My new fantasy football team name in Re-peter cottonbrain, trying to work in a few things here, first, I am defending league champ so I wanna Repeat. Next one of my favorite things to do is hassle a guy at work named Pete, thus the mis-spell of the Repeter's, last I think Pete's an Idiot, thus the cottonbrain, kind of a rip off of cotton tail but also a bow to cotton headed ninnymuggins from the movie Elf.

I don't think Pete's smart enough to get all of that, but we'll see, a couple of year's ago he called me a "Pickle Smoocher", which instantly became my team name. When all of the ideas spring from one well of stupidity there is risk, but given the level of stupidity we are talking about, I think ideas will spring from the well eternal.

I am spent, PO Monte!

12 June 2007

Stop me so I can begin

Sweet, sweet summer, leaves on the trees, grass in the yard, light late, it's a great thing.

Just finished up a successful season of little league baseball, finished with a four team tourney, all considered the boys over achieved, we played hard, had fun and won a lot of games, a good season in my book, as the head coach, I have to say it was a lot of fun, getting to know the assistant coaches and the boys.
Next up Pee-Wee football, I am considering coaching this as well, although my abilities to coach football are limited, and I have some travel scheduled in September and maybe October.

Mt. Biking season is in full swing, been riding the local mt bike track with my 9 yr old son every weekend, we have gone as far as 8 miles, planning another 8-10 this weekend, never thought he'd like it, but there he is every weekend begging to go again.

Work is hectic, but who isn't busy? No sense whining like a girl about that, take your medicine like a man, I say.

Been playing a bit of hoop, running and biking, need to take the boy trout fishing again, I missed steelheading this spring, first time in 15-20 years.

Had to break down and buy a new vehicle, Buick Rendezvous 2003, seems nice, hopefully I'll get my money's worth out of it.

Fantasy Football is just around the corner, almost time to relinquish the championship trophy and come up with a new team name, I think I may have one that mixes a little bit of everything I like in a name, we'll see if it stands the test of time.

Got my "official" Dalmac acceptance letter, better start riding!

That's all the excitement you can handle for now, PO Monteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

10 May 2007

In the Belly of the Beast, I can't lie



so.. how?

I hope.....

shit, I don't know!

yeah, that really bugs me too.

I don't know. what are you thinking

yes, why do you ask?

I never thought about it that way, but you could be right.

yep, fur sure.

oh yeah, I like it like that.

PO Monte.

07 April 2007

Fell on Black Days

Man oh man, have things been great lately? You can't say that very often can you? So here's what's been on, got back from Spring Break in Floreeda, which was a lot of fun, did Wet and Wild, Universal and Seaworld. I got to indulge in a few coasters, at Seaworld, Kraken is awesome, at Universal, Dueling Dragons and and The Hulk are da bomb, my fave was the Hulk, because, when you are riding up the hill to the first downhill, you know sittin there slowly rising up "chunka, chunkachunka" of the chain drive all of a sudden you accelerate up the hill to 40mph into a barrel roll and an upside down dive into multiple loops, just a cool ride, the only one that I've been on that does that. What stunk about it was the fact that I had to ride alone. The really cool thing was, really short lines for many of the rides, I think the walk through all of the mazes was longer on most of the rides than the actual wait in line.

Kids had fun, we rented a house from an ex co-worker, had a pool, was close to everything, worked out great.

Flights went smoothly, no delays, no problems, all in all enjoyable, I think next year the wife and I are going somewhere a little more private sans kids, but we say that every year, so we'll see.

Next week the wife and I will be heading out to San Francisco, about a week out west, my wife has never been out there, so it will be fun. I have a class in SF then a plant visit lined up, flying out of San Jose, some driving around the south bay, it'll be good.

Mourning the loss of an old friend right now, my Creative MP3 player passed from usability this past week, one too many drops finally spelled the end, now I am shopping for a replacement, the Toshiba Gigabeat is looking good, mp3 and viddy o is a real winner on those trans continental flights, gotta get my 15% coupon from the lap top purchase and it'll all be good, smoov, jackson.

News from Dalmac. I'm in and so are alla the riders that got sent in on my envelope, god am I looking forward to that, black sabbath made an album called Heaven and Hell, and it describes that ride, I cannot wait.

Weather here sucks, snow on Easter? Who's the practical joker?

Hope 's'all good where ever you is, were, gonna be.

That's it. PO Monte.

05 March 2007

Lookin for a life to call my own

Been diggin Beck lately, kind of rock, kind of funk, cool lyrics with meaning. I like all of his albums, 'specially the last two.

Traveling again. Japan, Korea and China, now I am in Seoul, Korea, waiting for a flight to Shanghai, sitting in the Korean Airlines Prestige Lounge, sipping Heineken.

Have to say my favorite destination lately is Japan, just a cool country, the people are very friendly, food is awesome and nommunications suit me fine.

Went out one night to the Ginza district of Tokyo for Sushi, Sake and Karaoke, great time, great experience, Thanks Michy and Naka-yan.

Spent a night in the Fukui Prefecture recently at the Grandia Housen, highly recommended to everyone, more traditional Japanese than I have been exposed to, Fukui is on the East side of the islandand is mostly rice fields surrounded by mountains, the views are spectacular. Then there are many hot springs, which are not to be missed, very relaxing after a day in the office, or a long night of nommunications.

Sounds like I'll be back in Japan several times this year, training, investment opportunities to look after. Hoping to take the family...

It's been 9 days on the road and I have another 4 to go, next time I get an itch to travel I'll have to try and remember the empty feeling it leaves me with....

So as far as expensive cities go, I think Seoul may have a leg up on Tokyo, you can't fart in Seoul for less than $100, which is 91,500 Korean Won at the exchange rate I paid in the hotel.

It snowed in Seoul today, didn't like looking at that, reminds me of what I am going home to.

Waiting with breath o' baited for news on the Dalmac accepted rider list, if I don't get in it'll be another bandito year, but those other guys I sent in with me in the envelope may be SOL.

Oh well, that's about all I got for now, maybe I'll get energetic and post again on this trip, but maybe I am just teasing.